Posted by: drkumaresh | October 3, 2012

You are the BEST BEST doctor in Bangalore


Good day to you.

You can definitely blow my name also.

My details (If Require) are as follows:

Name: Chakrapani. A


Dear Dr.Kumaresh,

My name is Chakrapani, I met you with a complaint that “some thing seems stuck in Throat”. Due to my web search for similar complaints I really worried about these symptoms. I wanted to meet the best doctor and in my search I found your name and met you.

I would like to add testimonial in your blog but couldn’t find how to do and thus I am sending here in mail.
First thing came to my mind after I met you  is the Sanskrit sloka I studied in my childhood i.e “vaidyo Narayana Hari” means God is doctor.

After I met you only I understood that some doctors are still there to keep the meaning. True sir, I am not exaggerating, honestly telling about what I felt.

You are so kind to me, gave enough time to explain my problem, posed few questions to remember if I miss something, gave confidence to leave your place with smile.

Sir, Trust me after my exp of nearly 10 years in Bangalore consulted many doctors but consultation with you is really memorable.

Sir, we desperately need doctors like you: please practice in India as many years as possible.

From my experience all I can say is “you are not just best ENT in Bangalore but the BEST BEST doctor in Bangalore”.

Thank you very much Sir.
Chakrapani A

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