Posted by: drkumaresh | December 30, 2012

Thanks Dr Kumaresh for what you are and setting the examples for other Doctors

T1: Ravinder Agrawal
T3: 9845xxxxxx
D1: Name
D3: 3-5 years
S1: I have an association with Dr Kumaresh for last 5 years. Thus, my experience is just not one incident but has a history of experience.
I need not speak about his experience, qualification and credentials, I am sure that we can’t have such a rich combination of all such skills and experience in one place like with Dr.Kumaresh
The unique and important fact about Dr.Kumaresh is that he is following the oath that all the Doctors take about serving the patient with utmost care and not fooling them.
These days this noble profession has become business for almost all the doctors and unwanted medicines are shoved to patients, irrespective of its need.
With Dr Kumaresh, I am always relaxed that along with the Best of experience, knowledge and skill, I am in the \\\’SAFE PROFESSIONAL HANDS\\\’ and not someone who treats his patients as business clients.


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