Posted by: drkumaresh | September 16, 2013

Testmonial After Complex Thyroid Surgery

Sent: Friday, September 13, 2013 10:06 AM
To: drkumaresh
Subject: Re: Regarding hemithyroidectomy surgery of Sri. R

Hello Doctor,

I am very thankful for you to have carried out the hemithyroidectomy surgery successfully.
Please find below the testimonial from my side by the experience I had with you for the last one month.

Dear Doctor

I had a swelling in my neck area. I had consulted another doctor and after undergoing several tests and CT scan, it was identified that a cyst had grown over the right thyroid gland and it had to be removed by surgery. Then I consulted you for a second opinion since you have been trained in head and neck surgeries in the US and an expert in this field.

You clearly explained the situation and the need of urgency for undergoing the surgery – hemithyroidectomy (since my gland was pressing on my windpipe making it difficult to breathe and also since it was pretty big extending inside my chest up to the lungs).

I got a clear understanding of the procedure to be carried out during the surgery. You also told me the risks involved and further consequences that could be possible post surgery which includes the risk to my voice becoming hoarse.

When I heard from you that I would be sent home on the same day of the surgery, I took the decision to go with you only by seeing your confidence on the procedure to be carried out.

Then, I got the surgery done at Nova Speciality Surgery Hospital, Koramangala, Bangalore.

The surgery went well and the cyst was bigger than we anticipated and the procedure was carried out very well by you. You did not even have me bandaged on my neck after such a major operation!! More so my chest was not opened though the gland was extending down into my chest!!!

Post surgery, the way you treated me was very good and it reflected that you are a great human being, we are very grateful to you Doctor for all the care you have taken for me to be in this position and good health.

I am very fortunate to have got treatment from you…



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