Posted by: drkumaresh | November 10, 2013

My experience – Nasal surgery

Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2013 22:55:22 +0530
Subject: Testimonial / My experience – Nasal surgery

Hello Doctor,

Below is my testimonial – in the form of my experience.

Thanks and Regards,


I used to experience blocked nose (every morning) and frequent one-sided headaches and the cause for this was what appeared to be small marble sized growth in both the nostrils (Turbinate Hypertrophy). I was suggested surgery. I was skeptical to get the surgery done as I was scared of the thought of surgery and the post surgery pain and hence kept on postponing. Finally after 6 months of dilly dallying, I went to the Doctor to get the appointment for surgery and came to know that I also have a nasal septum deviation.

Everything went smoothly contrary to my perception of surgery.

Nasal surgery to correct septum deviation and removal of growth in both the nostrils using laser, which lasted for an hour was done after administering Anesthesia. I was discharged in the same evening after observation for 3-4 hours. The nasal packing was taken off in a day and half (I had to breath thru mouth when the nasal pack was on)and had to take medicines for a week’s time. A stent that was placed in the nostril during surgery was removed after 10 days. Throughout all these procedures I did not experience any pain (only little discomfort). That’s it!!

The surgery was performed successfully by Dr Kumaresh Krishnamoorthy. He had explained everything clearly in advance and also had even cleared all my silly doubts. Good care was taken through out.



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