Posted by: drkumaresh | February 10, 2014

Patients get “New Lease of Life” – Without Hearing Aids

These are testimonials from few patients who were stated that nothing will help them except Hearing aids and all of them have had previous surgeries…

From:sxxxxxx mxxxxxSent: Monday, January 27, 2014 10:06 PM

To: drkkumaresh

Subject: Testimonial of my father Ashok

Hello Dr Kumresh,

First, Sorry for writing so late, that’s why one must have deadlines.

My father used to have some discharge in his childhood and than it stopped, but his hearing capability which was not very good in his adulthood decreased so little that he was not able to hear normal talking at the age of 45. He was seen by another specialist and was advised hearing aids; my father was not too keen. We came to know about Dr. Kumaresh and consulted him, there was a language barrier also as my father was not fluent in English but Dr understood him clearly and was very patient.

He suggested surgery for my father, he already had surgery once and was a bit hesitant to undergo again. However his faith and confidence on Dr. Kumaresh’s skill and ability made him to agree for the second time surgery. Everything was fine and he was able to hear very well after the surgery. But on third day, hearing capability suddenly dropped, we went to the Dr who suggested for a audiogram, which was not that bad, he told us not to worry and wait for some time as ear was still healing and the cotton in his ears were swollen due to the drops given. After 3 weeks once the cotton were all removed my father can hear very well (including whispers!!!!) without any outside help (Hearing Aids).

Thanks Dr Kumaresh for able consultation and perfect surgery.

Best Regards,


From: dxxxxxar

Sent: Tuesday, December 31, 2013 4:52 PM

To: ‘drkkumaresh’

Subject: RE: Patient Name : Smt. Sxxxxxa


I am sorry that I took lot of time to write my letter of appreciation due to office work pressure.

My name is Smt. Sxxxxa. I was suffering from hearing loss for the past 7 years. I was operated for 3 times. This time Doctors refused to operate saying even if operated also there will be no improvement in hearing and suggested to go for hearing aid or implants.

With this I went in to depression. As part of my Job I have to manage many people and students in my work place. People started pointing the finger towards me as deaf and I thought of resigning the Job which I was doing since last 13 years.

I feel depressed and humiliated as I am averse with this idea of hearing aid/implant at this age. On the suggestion of my family doctor I went to Dr. Kumaresh to take the second opinion.

Dr. Kumaresh suggested that I have to undergo the operation and he assured me of 75% improvement in hearing without the hearing aid or any implant.

I underwent the operation under Dr. Kumaresh and to my astonishment, I got 100% of my hearing and even I can hear the sound of falling of water droplets. I am very grateful to Dr. Kumaresh as I am back to my job with my self confidence.

This testimonial is issued to show my gratitude to Dr. Kumaresh and also to show cause his skill and clinical acumen.


From: Gxxxxxxxx Sxxxxxx

Sent: Saturday, February 08, 2014 5:06 PM


Subject: Thanking You Dr.

Dear Doctor,

Please find below my letter of appreciation:

I am Gxxxxx from Bangalore. I had problem of hearing loss from 15 years. I was having lot of pain in hearing so I went to well known hospital and was advised surgery, I did undergo the surgery but it has been a failure and I was not able to notice any improvement in my hearing. Worse after I am not able to hear the sound at all. I am fully upset of my life.

And later I was searching good experience doctor in Google. At last I found Dr. Kumaresh Krishnamoorthy ENT Specialist Surgeon, I got an appointment and doctor advised to go for surgery “Tympanoplasty & Ossiculplasty (Cartilage)”. I was hesitant but I admitted and I had surgery.

Within 2 weeks. I was miracle of hearing sounds even whispers. I am fully happy and I never thought so soon I am able to hear clearly at the moments. I would like to extend to you our heartfelt thanks and appreciation for service extended to me.

I am entirely happy with your service we received. Congratulation and thanks once again.

And you are great doctor.





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