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Skull Base Osteomyelitis – Post Treatment Testimonial


T1: Ravinder Agrawal
T3: 9845xxxxxx
D1: Name
D3: 3-5 years
S1: I have an association with Dr Kumaresh for last 5 years. Thus, my experience is just not one incident but has a history of experience.
I need not speak about his experience, qualification and credentials, I am sure that we can’t have such a rich combination of all such skills and experience in one place like with Dr.Kumaresh
The unique and important fact about Dr.Kumaresh is that he is following the oath that all the Doctors take about serving the patient with utmost care and not fooling them.
These days this noble profession has become business for almost all the doctors and unwanted medicines are shoved to patients, irrespective of its need.
With Dr Kumaresh, I am always relaxed that along with the Best of experience, knowledge and skill, I am in the \\\’SAFE PROFESSIONAL HANDS\\\’ and not someone who treats his patients as business clients.

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You are the BEST BEST doctor in Bangalore


Good day to you.

You can definitely blow my name also.

My details (If Require) are as follows:

Name: Chakrapani. A


Dear Dr.Kumaresh,

My name is Chakrapani, I met you with a complaint that “some thing seems stuck in Throat”. Due to my web search for similar complaints I really worried about these symptoms. I wanted to meet the best doctor and in my search I found your name and met you.

I would like to add testimonial in your blog but couldn’t find how to do and thus I am sending here in mail.
First thing came to my mind after I met you  is the Sanskrit sloka I studied in my childhood i.e “vaidyo Narayana Hari” means God is doctor.

After I met you only I understood that some doctors are still there to keep the meaning. True sir, I am not exaggerating, honestly telling about what I felt.

You are so kind to me, gave enough time to explain my problem, posed few questions to remember if I miss something, gave confidence to leave your place with smile.

Sir, Trust me after my exp of nearly 10 years in Bangalore consulted many doctors but consultation with you is really memorable.

Sir, we desperately need doctors like you: please practice in India as many years as possible.

From my experience all I can say is “you are not just best ENT in Bangalore but the BEST BEST doctor in Bangalore”.

Thank you very much Sir.
Chakrapani A

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Started my OWN CLINIC and Stopped Consulting at Apollo Hospitals

Dear All,

I have stopped consulting at Apollo Hospitals since I have started my OWN CLINIC near Apollo Hospitals. The clinic is spread over 1000 sq.ft and is situated in Arekere Mico Layout. (Less than 0.4 Kms from Apollo)

 Full address: 59, 2nd cross, 2nd main,  Arekerre Mico layout 2nd Stage,  opp. 2nd stage water tank,  Bannarghatta Road, Bangalore-76.

As of now I will be available between 5-8PM.

 Google Map Location is:                                                               

You can also click on the QR code of my VC attached in this mail for directions:                          

Facilities available: Video Endoscopy, Video Otoscopy, Video Laryngoscopy, Paperless consultations

Sound Proof room for audiology which includes audiometry, impedance, OAE (new born Hearing screening) and BERA and Hearing Aid dispensing.   

OPD Scheduling: A dedicated line is available for scheduling – +919483964959.                                                                                     I request you all TO SEND SMS stating Name, Desired location and date. You can also send a SMS to my other number.

Eg., Mr. Ramesh seeking an appointment at Dr Kumaresh ENT Clinic send SMS as Ramesh, Dr Kumaresh ENT Clinic on 01-01-2000.


You can also utilize my online appointment form. 


In view of my frequent International travels and to make things easier a Google Calendar link is herewith attached. It will update my availability in Bangalore.
SURGERIES:  Will be undertaken at Nova, Apollo Hospitals, Sagar Hospitals, Chord Road Hospital and Nurturehood Hospital.

AWARDS: I am pleased to announce that I have been awarded as “The Best ENT Specialist” during the Karnataka Service Excellence Award conducted by Brands Academy. The award was received from Mr. Shashi Tharoor, this was possible only because of the trust you all had in me and I thank one and all and also for those who gave a wonderful feedback when contacted by the Academy.

I was also profiled by DNA newspaper as an Emerging Influential in Healthcare and by Discover Bangalore as a Doctor Whose Duty of Care reflects in his practice.




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How Many More Has To Suffer….

It is really distressing and disturbing to see more and more being afflicted with Cancer, more so Head and Neck Cancer since the signs are obvious and it can be easily seen.

Worse there seems to less awareness amongst the patients and more so amongst the professional community. In fact I am requesting a media house to do a story on Cancer awareness. Within the past 2 months I have had two patients being treated for Oral Ulcer when in reality they had Cancer!!!!!!

Worse both had positive history of using tobacco!!!! Whenever you or your loved ones or friends have a lesion/ulcer persisting for 3 weeks and does not heal or wax and wane or if it increases in size immediately take him/her to an Oncologist. SAVE A LIFE.

Links for my patients:

Patient 1) Was referred for a non healing ulcer when I saw him I was shocked – Obvious Cancer of tongue – Treated and patient is symptom free for the lat 2 years – Click to see

Patient 2) Patient is a paan chewer and has submucoal fibrosis. He had pain and difficult opening the mouth. His physician was treating him for apthous ulcer, luckily the patient had some sense and came to me for an expert opinion. One look and I was confident, took a biopsy in the OPD – diagnosis – An aggressive Spindle Cell Carcinoma with Sarcomatous changes. Patient is since recovering after a major surgery – Click to see

Patient 3) This is a 30 year old man who smokes has two small kids. Treated for non healing ulcer in tongue for 6 months!!! Came to me after he noticed a swelling in the neck. Investigations done revealed he had Tongue Cancer with neck secondary attached to the Carotid Artery. Surgery was done to remove the primary and RT given. Status – Patient expired after 8 months.

What are the warning signs of head and neck cancers?                                                                                                                     

  • A sore on the lip or in the mouth that does not heal for more than 3 weeks
  • A lump on the lip or in the mouth or throat that persist for more than 3 weeks
  • A white (leukoplakia) or red patch on the gums, tongue or lining of the mouth
  • Unusual bleeding, pain or numbness in the mouth
  • A sore throat or a feeling that something is caught in the throat that lasts for more than a month or that does not respond to antibiotics
  • Difficulty or pain with chewing or swallowing
  • Swelling of the jaw that causes dentures to fit poorly or become uncomfortable
  • A change in the voice or hoarseness lasting more than 3 weeks
  • Pain in the ear without evidence of local ear problems
  • Slurred speech
  • Loose teeth not associated with any gum problems
  • Unintended weight loss
  • Swelling, numbness, paralysis of the muscles in the face or pain that does not go away in the face, chin, or neck.
  • Chronic sinus infections that do not respond to treatment with antibiotics
  • Bleeding through the nose, frequent headaches, swelling or other trouble with the eyes.

Having any of the following symptoms for more than two-three weeks warrants a visit to a head and neck specialist.

NB: These symptoms may be caused by cancer or by other, less serious conditions. Sometimes there are no warning signs.

Factors Delaying the Diagnosis of Head and Neck Cancers

  • Patient procrastination in seeking medical attention
  • Physician delay in diagnosis
  • Patient remains asymptomatic for a prolonged period
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International Patient Testimonial – Qatar

“For past few months my 4 yrs old son was suffering from recurrent cold and later diminished hearing in both ears. He was diagnosed as a case of enlarged adenoids and tonsils with fluid in middle ear which needed surgical intervention. Due to scarcity of ENT surgeons in Qatar I planned the required surgery in India. After discussion with colleagues it was decided that we will consult Dr. Kumaresh in Bangalore as he is one best ENT surgeons. Dr. Kumaresh used the latest technology for surgery so that my son has minimal post operative pain and quick recovery.  The attention, treatment received, dedication and personal attention of Dr. Kumaresh was wonderful.  Thank you once again!”

Dr. A A, Qatar

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Complete removal of adenoid in 3 year old child

Was very challenging given the size of the nostril but eventually was happy in the end.

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Patient Testimonial after surgery for Nasal Block


Whatever is unknown is the greatest fear in this world. When I met Dr.Kumaresh for my Nasal Issues, i had the fear of Unknown, but he made me self assured on the issues and patiently addressed the concerns. He gave the option of Undergoing surgery and today after the surgery,Am having a fresh lease of life and breathing. I would like to thank him as a Good Doctor and a nice Human Being.


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International Patient From Iraq – Testimonial



Subject: Fw: Pt.information

Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2011 16:32:29 +0530

Good morning Doctor, I feel a lot relieved person today, than when I first saw you for my recurrent sinus and migraine headaches six months back. I want to sincerely thank you for patiently listening through my problem, for all your help, advice, empathy, care and treatment. When I look back, my days were filled with pain, anxiety and depression owing to the continuous headaches. The bilateral FESS surgery that you performed on me has brought me at a lot ease with myself now. I am happy that I can breathe obstruction free, I feel a lot lighter and I don’t have to keep popping pills all the times. I am thankful to you for the painful procedures, which I cried through and wanted to give up but you didn’ kept your cool and assured me that all will be well and ensuring that all really went well and I came out smiling.

There’s definitely magic in your hands and the way you cure.

Thanks always,

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